Bilingual Programme

IES Carlos Cano

Pedrera, Sevilla

1-The town

2-The school


4-Activities in the bilingual programme

5-For language assistants

Pedrera, un pueblo con encanto - Opinión, consejos, guía de viaje y más!

1-The town

Our school, IES Carlos Cano, is found in the town of Pedrera (picture above).

Pedrera is located in the Sierra Sur, an area in the province of Seville, which borders with the provinces of Málaga and Córdoba, at the geographical centre of Andalusia, the Spanish southern region. It has around 5000 inhabitants and it is close to the bigger towns of Estepa and Osuna.

The town boasts excellent land communications via the A-92 motorway, and there are daily trains to Seville, Málaga and Granada, apart from local taxis and coaches. There are also daily train connections with Osuna, a town with a lively university atmosphere. It is perfectly possible to live in Osuna and travel to Pedrera by train every day.

2-The School

Our school teaches all the levels of E.S.O. (Spanish for Compulsory Secondary Education), with students aged 12-16. As of the school year 2022/ 2023, there are about 240 students.

It is expected that for the 2023/2024 school year the bilingual programme comprises from the 1st ESO to 3rd ESO levels and the subjects of Physical Education, Maths, and Geography- History (here in Spain they are considered a single subject alternating between History and Geography depending on the level- with a heavier focus on geography in the 3rd level and a heavier focus on History in 4th level).

Currently, there is an ongoing project with the goal of turning the school into a museum, with exhibitions along the corridors and our very own dinosaur.

This is a view from the olive tree orchard, where many students spend the break

Most of this dinosaur was made by students in the school who were part of the bilingual programme during the school year 2021/2022.

To the left, there is a view of an exhibit about insects, to the right is the janitor and the main entrance to the school central building.

The picture above shows the school gym, where some P.E. lessons take place, especially during the colder seasons or during rainy days.

To know more…
Our school is named after Carlos Cano, a Spanish singer of traditional musical styles who became very popular towards the end of the 20th Century

3-Leisure time in Pedrera

The leisure offer in Pedrera mainly consists of sport and local culture: there’s the swimming pool (picture below), the local theatre and the Peña Flamenca (Flamenco Association).

You can find more information about leisure activities, places to visit, etc. on this website

Interesting places to visit in Pedrera and in nearby towns

Hotels and Hostels

4-Activities in the bilingual programme

The bilingual programme comprises two types of activities at our school: inside the classroom and outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom

The daily classroom activities are descriptions, games, writing tasks, classwork, P.E. practice, etc. in which students work using English and get marks according to their performance. The collaboration of the language assistant is mainly (but not only) related to these types of activities.

Outside the classroom

The teachers in the bilingual programme also prepare larger activities so that students must use their skill in English in more creative ways. These activities normally take place outside the classroom, typically in the playground or, if necessary, in some place in the town.

 The aim of these activities is to make the students in the bilingual programme to use English outside the context of the classroom, and to boost their motivation towards learning the English language.

As an example of an out of school activity, you watch a video below these lines made by students in the bilingual programme in the school year 2021/2022.

5-For Language Assistants

You can find below a chart with more information about school and useful tips for language assistants.